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Seher Music Publishing was established in San Francisco Bay Area with an interest in various genres, including works of international composers in 'world music' genre. Our goal is to build a bridge between interested parties who are looking for musical material to use in their projects and composers who want to make their work available in North America.  

Principals of Seher Music are coming from recording industry with extensive experience in both traditional and contemporary music from around the globe. Our experience in the recording field has shown us that often, interested parties have difficulties in locating and clearing the rights to music to be used in their audio, visual and audio-visual projects. Daunted by the task of clearing rights, which might seem at times impossible, too difficult or too lengthy, they might also restrict themselves to what is readily available instead of discovering possibilities of better-fitting music for their projects.  




This is where Seher Music comes in. We can assist you in securing mechanical licenses for your audio-only reproductions and synchronization licenses for your visual (film, TV, documentary, special projects).  

In addition to representing composers, we are in various relationships with the owners of sound recordings (record companies) from around the world and have access to significant works by a wide range of music. Based on your projectıs needs, we can research, locate and work on the licensing of materials.  

We provide material that has been already recorded and available. In addition, we represent artists and composers who are available for composing and performing original works for your projects.  

Seher Music Publishing is a member of ASCAP.


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