The two brothers Cem and Ali are consummate musicians, singers, composers, poets and arrangers of their own music. They have combined their talents to create their musical style, which is a culmination of many years work. They embrace electronics and incorporate them into the traditional compositions. Their progressive musical sense has actually made them Turkey's first alternative pop group in it's history. Actually Cemali is carrying on a long family tradition of folk poetry and innovative musical compositions and renditions. Their father and grandfather are truly respected and loved bard singers of the Anatolian Ashik folk tradition. Cemali’s recording and performing career took them from San Francisco to around the world.

Overall the theme of Cemali’s music is universal love. That is love of all beings on our earth in the sense of the great shaman mysticism. Many songs deal with personal suffering and joy in the hands of lovers allegorically transposed for their historical and societal meaning. Their style is a unique blend of stirring melodies, alternative rhythms, new age harmonies, and fascinating World Beat woven with original contemporary poetry. Steeped in thousands of years of Central Asian shamanism and Anatolian philosophy Cemali’s compositions are flowing and effortless with a captivating rhythm.

Cemali have released albums both in Turkey and the United States. “Duymak Istiyorum” is their debut album released in 1995, “Whirl” is the name of their second album, which was released in U.S. in 1996. Their third album released in 1997 is titled “Yuh-Yuh”. The fourth album titled “Hayat?” meaning “Life?” is one of their most anticipated albums. Lyrical concept of the album is a journey into the essence of life while so much cyber technology is being infused into our lives. Listening to “Hayat?” one goes through a musical journey in search of life’s joys and sorrows. It is the result of daring musical creativity and a thoroughly enjoyable exhilaration.






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